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FBC Mission Statement Night

April 16, 2014

First Baptist Church is committed to seeing every person …

Believe in Jesus
Belong to Family
Become a Disciple
Build His Kingdom



  •  Receiving God’s free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ
  •  Holding to the truth found in the infallible Word of God
  •  Knowing your salvation is secure in Christ


  •  Committing to growing in relationship with others
  •  Contributing to the fulfillment of God’s vision for First Baptist
  •  Celebrating the privileges of being a part of a local church


  •  Growing in faith by continually choosing to trust God
  •  Embracing the journey of transforming into the image of Christ
  •  Living a grace-filled life empowered by the Holy Spirit


  •  Sharing the Gospel personally and collectively
  •  Giving sacrificially to expand God’s kingdom
  •  Maintaining a consistent testimony and witness

Watch the service where these topics are discussed here.

Sunday 4/13/14

A Week All Planned

Pastor Wicks


Luke 19:37-41

1. God Has a Plan for Himself.

Luke 9:51

2. God Has a Plan for You.

Matthew 23:37

3. God Will Follow His Plan

Mark 11:11

The Question Is, ‘Will We Follow God’s Plan for Us?’

Watch the complete service here.

Sunday, 4/6/14

Jesus’ Real Thoughts About You

Pastor Wicks

Luke 7:18-35

Honest doubt is not sin

I Corinthians 13:9-12 “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face…”

There are:

a. Neutral doubters

b. Rebellious doubters

c. Disappointed doubters

d. Wounded doubters

e. Intellectual doubters


Description of John

1. The Greatness of his Humility

Matthew 3:11

2. The Greatness of his Conviction

Matthew 3:1-3

3. The Greatness of his Courage

Matthew 3:7

4. The Greatness of his Holiness

Mark 6:20

5. The Greatness of his Message

John 1:29


Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD…”

Watch the complete service here.

Sunday, 3/30/14

Watch the complete service here.

Sunday 3/23/14

“A Message From Jesus”

Joseph Wicks

Luke 6:39-49

Because of March Madness and other priorities, I thought I would just steal the sermon that Jesus preached and re-preach to you!

1. A Dangerous Parable

A. The Danger of  False Teachers

B. The Danger of Prideful Disciples

C. The Danger of Judgmental Christians

2. A Desirable Fruit

A. The Consistency of Fruit

B. The Character of Fruit

3. A Diligent Disciple

A. “Come”

B. “Hear”

C. “Do”

Watch the complete service here.

Sunday, 3/16/14

“What Went Out of Jesus?”

Pastor Wicks

Luke 6:19-38

Verse 19 speaks to the idea that virtue ‘came out’ of Jesus. Pastor used the object lesson of two sponges that, when squeezed, liquid comes out. We will all be squeezed – what will come out?!

What came out of Jesus?

1. Virtue (v. 19)

dunamis = power

2. Truth (v. 20-26)

3). Love (v. 27-35)

4). Kindness (v. 35)

5). Wisdom (v. 36-38)

It is interesting to see some of what came out of Jesus! The question of application is really, “What comes out of YOU and ME?” Do any of the above come out of us when we are pressed?


Watch the complete service here.

Sunday, 2/23/14

Speaker: Pastor Raymond Wicks

“Journey with Jesus – Sea of Galilee”

Reading: Luke 5:1-11

¨       Much of Jesus’ earthly ministry was spent around the Sea of Galilee.

¨       The Sea of Galilee is 13 miles long and 8 miles wide. This lake is the lowest freshwater lake on Earth (732 ft. below sea level); of all types of lakes, it is the second overall to the saltwater Dead Sea.

¨       Gennesaret – city on North West shore


1. Have Jesus in your boat.

2. Listen to and follow Jesus’ commands.

3. Make Him Master with actions not just words.

Is Jesus in your boat, on your team, or a part of your life? Do you include Jesus in your everyday life? You can do this by talking to Him about anything and going to Him for advice. Make sure He is getting the time out of your day He deserves. When you get advice from Jesus, be willing to take it and with the right attitude. Many times we’ll take His advice, but we’ll be a bit begrudging about it.

Jesus ought to be the Master of our lives. He ought to hold that position of authority that demands respect and reverence. Is He the Master over your life? Can people tell He is? We need to show with our actions and by how we live our lives that Jesus is in authority. We shouldn’t have to constantly tell people. It should be understood by those watching our daily actions.


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